“Some Say or Some Allege”

I have written to Courtland Milloy of the Washington Post several times regarding his sometimes racist columns and his targeting of whites in many areas of what he perceives are injustices.  On his August 18 column he did his ever so common references to “some say…or allege” offering to others non proven allegations as potential proof instead of actually writing about what are facts.  This adds to the anger because as we have seen the results from social and news media alike that many believe what is alleged such as the hands up don’t shoot mentality instead of finding out the truth are facts.  Even when the truth is revealed, these same individuals do not believe it because they have been told something different that someone “alleged” it happened.  Mr. Milloy’s ill advised retelling of a non proven incident where he repeated the person’s allegations that a police sergeant stopped and strip searched him in public and that the sergeant stated when the man told him he was going to call a lawyer “get your n self out of here.”  This was never proven nor witnessed come forward to support.  But the reckless Mr. Milloy repeated it anyway and also included that “it was reported (but never substantiated) that a police lieutenant gave an order to “lock up all of the black hoodies” in her district.  Again, reckless and incendiary writing without regard to its reception by readers.

Never does Mr. Milloy bring up the facts of black on black crime, incarceration actually is the result from committing crime (he only says that Blacks are disproportionately incarcerated), or  that the trust must come from the black community; only from the police and they must be “retrained.”  The public safety depends upon our great police men and women who protect.  It does not depend upon those who commit crimes, riot as they did in Milwaukee recently or in other locations in Baltimore or St. Louis.  Police are are last line of defense in this country.  Support them, do not commit crimes and respect them always if you are in any neighborhood but especially one that is crime ridden.  Then will safety increase.  It is no wonder that police are respected more in neighborhoods away from black inner city neighborhoods; there is less crime committed and people do respect the police and not throw heat seeking  verbal missiles at them or other things.

Report the facts Mr. Milloy and not alleged or gossip.

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