Faking Love of Blacks

The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker’s column last week was titled “The Donald can’t fake love of “the blacks.”  In it she dissected the word “the” as if it were some type of racist code word when used as a definite article referring to “the blacks.”  What utter nonsense!  If that is all Ms. Parker has for insulting Donald Trump, she needs to reach into Hillary’s bag of tricks for something else.  She is a certainly in the tank with Hillary as is the rest of the Washington Post so they grasp at straws, dissect participles and words like they were gold hoping to sink Mr. Trump’s chances.  Everyone uses the word “the” in many colloquial terms and phrases and it is not racist when it is applied to any race,  minority or majority.  My goodness, Ms. Parker, expand your column to take advantage of your intellectual background – which you have because I have read your columns for years.  You typically have great columns but this is not one of them.  You stated “given Trumps egregious, minority-slamming rhetoric…”  Where is the proof of minority slamming?  That he does not want some of “the Mexicans” (and other illegals) who are murders, drug dealers, and rapists coming to our country?  If you do support that, then please state so in your column.

By highlighting division, Ms. Parker incites even more.  As Mr. Trump reaches out to minorities in the Black and Hispanic communities and churches, that somehow is not good enough for her sanctimonious attitude.  Mr. Trump is not “faking” it but really believes in all Americans regardless of race, religion, sex, or ethnicity.  He wants America to become great again because we are teetering on a diversity meltdown.

Mr. Trump returned from his visit after being invited to Mexico by the Mexican President.  Of course the Mexicans were outraged but how can even they support drug cartels and criminals who enter their country as well.  I call the visit outreach; Hillary calls it a drop by and return so she does not go without a donation to her foundation.  Why can’t Ms. Parker write about real stories like Hillary’s foundation instead of the word the?


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