Ms. Dvorak’s Taco Trucks

Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak never fails to provide me with material to completely astonish me.  How a well educated person can write such gibberish with regard to immigration is beyond me.  Her recent column “Taco trucks: As American as lo mein and pizza pie” , Washington Post Tuesday, September 6, 2016 is no exception.

First of all Donald Trump does not have a “hard line” view.  It is law and order since apparently Ms. Dvorak does not care that people are here illegally and there are those who within the 15-20 million or so who are intent upon doing so.  She rants about anti-Italian immigration legislation and “folks” coming over from Italy and equates that to pizza being an American staple.  My wife is a third generation Italian whose grandparents came over from Italy and they brought more than pizza. They brought over the desire to become Americans, act American, and still maintain certain aspects of their culture.  My wife speaks zero Italian since the children of the wave of immigrants knew that success was learning the English language.  This was now their home and Italian was spoken rarely if ever in my wife’s presence growing up in Boston.  She learned French in high school instead because it was her choice.

Ms. Dvorak provides her tired example of a Mexican who came to this country on a visitor visa, worked to obtain a food truck business.  What she fails to mention is whether the Mexican became an American citizen and since she omitted that, the possibility is quite obvious that he did not.  She then goes into Asian food and the like giving the same rant about others who want anyone here to be American; somehow that is hard line?  If that is so, then I would be considered hard line also and I am a diversity professional.

The main issue here is that when giving examples Ms. Dvorak does not provide any balance.  She does not state that Italians and Irish came to this country to become Americans and they only way they could come is that they become American citizens; which they did!  Allowing illegal entry in our country is against the law.  Too many have no intention of becoming Americans and expect their culture to be catered to and not with a food truck but with taxpayers money for schools, bi lingual education, housing, employment, all forms of handouts.  There are certainly hard working illegal immigrants here but they need to follow the law like anyone else. Even Mexico expels “illegal aliens” from their country and no American citizen could ever become a Mexican citizen since it is not allowed in their constitution.  Go figure.  Food trucks and cultural foods are great – just have the people who run these be real Americans citizens.

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