I want to thank Dana Milbank of the Washington Post for providing me with so much material that it is a challenge to dispel his divisive rhetoric.  He is mentioned in my upcoming book “America’s Diversity Meltdown – Challenging diversity education and its epic failure to improve race relations” due out in October.  His previous columns of “The end of whiteness” sure are grabbers for those of you who like to experience white guilt.

His September 13, 2016 column in the Washington Post entitled “Clinton wasn’t wrong about Trump’s deplorables” was no exception.  The “ANES” study only confirms that people have implicit association developed through life experiences not their degree of racism.  “There is plenty of overt white prejudice” states Simon Jackman.  Where does he get his information or opinion?  A survey does not prove anything that can be generalized; only to provide information that can be interpreted, misinterpreted or proven worthless.

Where, Mr. Milbank, are the “large” number of racists drawn to Trump.  All I see are real American patriots who love their country, do not disrupt HRC’s rallies with viscous shouting of racist rants, or express racial animus.  Where are the large numbers of patriots who do this?

I am a conservative diversity champion, doctorate degree, 26 years in the military and lead national efforts in race relations  and LGBT dialogues, believe in a wall to stop the flow of illegal individuals entering our country, halt the refugee processing from terrorist sponsoring nations until vetting can be assured, and support police around the country.  I am not a racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced and I am a Patriot who loves my country and believe that America First is not deplorable.  I will vote for Donald Trump to prevent HRC whom I  I believe is a proven liar, thief, war criminal, arrogant, above the law, and inept.  Incompetent experience and outright arrogance does not equal ability.  She is spreading hatred through her own use of deplorables and name calling.  Deplorable’s definition is “deserving strong condemnation.”  With your column, you certainly deserve that.

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