Why white people need to see the searing new African American Museum right now; Another take

While Dana Milbank of the Washington Post provides me with a lot of material, Petula Dvorak is a close second.  Her article of why white people need to see the searing new African-American Museum is a classic “us versus them” and her attempts to create white guilt.  Even her use of the word “searing” is a classic example of inflaming the rhetoric.  Searing means extremely hot or intense.  As I describe in my book America’s Diversity Meltdown – the failure of diversity education to improve race relations” curriculum designers created presentations geared toward creating white guilt and blame.

I do agree with Ms. Dvorak when she writes “We are in a deeply divided and dangerous time: Police shootings, protests, riots and fiery rhetoric are part of our daily diet, and it’s often about race.”  That is for sure which is why I created the World Cafe on Race Relations Dialogue and had profound successes in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Portland,  and Vancouver with other sessions in Detroit this coming week.   However, her false and typically sanctimonious, and kind of third person, rantings about “white folks” needs examining.  She falsely exclaims “too many white folks get angrier about a quarterback kneeling during the national anthem than they are about the outright execution of a black man who did nothing more than have his car break down on the way home from class.”  These are two separate issues and she makes it seem like we cannot be angry about both without gauges to measure our anger.  Of course, everyone is outraged about murder, with the possible exception of the murderer themselves.

She continues with further sanctimony without any moral authority. ” Let me tell you something, my fellow whites” and goes on with typical divisive depictions of plantations, slavery ownership of our forefathers, KKK etc., while putting nothing into context such as our country evolved over time to become the greatest country on earth.

One of the worst of her column was “Some of what you see might make you feel ashamed at parts of our past. But now you know. And in knowing, that shame will give way to the deep respect and pride that we should have in all our fellow Americans. And that’s the part that will begin making us whole.”  There should be no shame for anyone (and whites do not to be made “whole”) in this country who is living now for things done in the past.  What whites are she referring to?  Italians who immigrated through Ellis Island?  Other legal immigrants who came to this country afterwards who had nothing to do with history?  America has understood its past and taken great strides to improve it.  What we have not done, however is continue the dialogue that Dr. King created and abruptly stopped after his assassination.  If we do not continue what I am doing now with further dialogue, we will be doomed to read columns like Ms. Dvorak’s who chooses to speak for white people without being asked to and who spouts rhetoric that wants to feel shame and guilt. Somehow being made sick creates pride in her version.

I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and proud of my country.  I want our country to be strong and recapture some of its greatness that has been diminished over the last 8 years.  I primarily want our races to unite in dialogue so that we can find solutions to the growing and dangerous caldera below us.

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