My consistent columnist Eugene Robinson

Mr. Robinson had done his normal divisive column in the Tuesday, October 4 edition of the Washington Post.  As a progressive, he typically falls in line with the other lemmings of the Progressive party by using name calling and slander as their only defense of the real charlatan.

He dares name Mr. Trump a charlatan when Hillary Clinton is the picture perfect definition of one.  Yes, I am one of those older white guys (senior, blond hair, blue eyes) Mr. Robinson talks about but I am also an American Patriot with 26 years of military service to my country, doctorate degree, and am a nationally recognized diversity professional.  How does he want to describe me when I will vote for Donald Trump so that I can live after the election knowing that I did not vote for an absolute fraud, a person who created and then ignored Benghazi plus lied about it and told others to do the same.  How can she tout any qualifications as Secretary of State?  Where were the successes?  Iran, please!  Syria?  Take more refugees from that mess.  Russia?  Reset to overcharge on the button.  Her absolute destruction of women that Bill intertwined with and then not a single apology when he admitted to wrong doing is only evidence of her quest for power not a qualification for President.    How about her foundation and donations from countries that treats women like second class citizens of their own country?  Hypocritical?

Mr. Robinson is right on one thing he wrote.  There is one way to avoid the nastiest surprises of November 8.  Vote for Donald Trump.    We will show up!

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