Police Reform?

Courtland Milloy’s newest article this week about “Forget police reform. Time to create a new system” ignores the real problem with the police and that is the crime they have to contend with.  Full disclosure in that my daughter is an 18 year police officer in California.  His article has to be an anathema and a huge shudder to police officers around the country. Let’s take a look at Mr. Milloy’s ridiculous points.

  1.  He writes “Why not limit police to investigating major crimes?”  Who in the world  would make that call?  He further states “Instead of having cops respond to every 911 call, have a list of other service providers to draw on – social workers, ministers, psychiatrists, for instance.”  Now this one makes me shudder!  If I am being assaulted or have a member of my family accosted, does this constitute a “major crime” or would I call a shrink?  I want a police officer to respond to every 911 call and do not want a band aid when I may need a person sworn to uphold the law show up to their job.

2.  As Courtland always does, he has to include so many divisive and unproven statements about white people when they are not deserved and only project his bias.  He quotes Delores Jones-Brown who said “Because of the safety and other advantages the system provides white people, it’s been difficult for them to let go of the nation that the system is flawed….”   The only “advantage” I had as a white male was to work my behind off to get where I am today and live in a relatively crime free neighborhood which, by the way is very diverse with people who are hard-working; choosing to work versus rob.

3.  The most insulting comment is that he writes ” Cop culture, historically rooted deeper in racism than justice, simply cannot be reformed.  It must be abolished….  My daughter is not racist and neither am I and the overwhelming majority of police in this country are not.

If Mr. Milloy wants to “reform” anything, he needs to reform his belief that white people have all of the advantages.  He needs to fully acknowledge that high crime areas in inner cities the culture reform needed and to have crime eliminated  Until he does, he will always think rainbows and unicorns will fix the problem.

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