Eugene Robinson in trusting Donald Trump

Eugene Robinson’s column today “Don’t trust Trump with your future”  is certainly a grabber with it being laced with intellectual dishonesty and smears of racist comments.  It never takes long for Eugene to get to his heart of wanting to demonstrate his always divisive rhetoric.    Let’s start with his comment on immigration reform where he says there is an estimated 11 million undocumented…well we know for a fact there is more than double that amount in this country for one.  He says Clinton supports commonsense immigration reform that would secure the southern border and bring undocumented people of the shadows by bestowing upon them legal status and a path toward citizenship.  He therefore proclaims in his words his utter opposition to the laws of this country prohibiting illegal aliens and wants to reward them with citizenship without question.  Another check mark for those who wish to follow Alinski’s model of control by enhancing poverty.  Illegal immigrants do bring in a mix of hard working people wanting a better future and they can come if they go through the proper channels of legal immigration.  They also bring with them innumerable criminal enterprises, criminals, and gang members that have proven to be a menace to society even after several deportations.  Does he support giving them legal status?

Eugene writes about the social fabric where by 2040 there will be no racial or ethnic majority and relishes in the facet that whites will be a minority “just like every other minority group.”  Clinton, he says embraces these changes.  Then he goes into his diatribe about the KKK supporting Donald Trump, etc., and his most divisive comment that many minorities hear when our patriots in the conservative side chant “Make America Great Again” “Make America White Again” but fails to mention who has said this as he always does.    He states Donald Trump threatens our future yet fails to mention the FBI investigations into fraud, criminal enterprise, massive security breaches with personal emails, the corrupt Clinton foundation with its donors representing countries that espouse terror and demean women.  This is all the socialist Alinski adherents can do is to support a person with this degree of corruption and narcissistic lying abilities?

He states that Clinton may be a bit hawkish for some tastes.  That is ridiculous and you can ask everyone in Benghazi if that is the truth since many of them would want her tried for treason or war crimes for her non action.

No, it is not Trump that needs stopped but the entitled one herself, Hillary.  I am not one of those non college educated white males he consistently speaks of in his columns who supports Trump by the way.  My brothers who are, however, are some of the most hard working people on this planet and should be embraced not scorned by the media.  I support the mantra “it is all about us” in this country and right now, thanks to Eugene Robinson, Dana Milbank, Petula Dvorak, and others from the Washington Post et al, they would rather have it remain divisive and be less of us white males they consider to have privilege.

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