America is exceptional

In the USA Today opinion section, Stephen Prothero, Professor of Religion at Boston University wrote with his caption “Oh well, so much for American exceptionalism.”  I wonder where he felt our exceptionalism went when it was strengthened by the voice of the people in the election.  People in our democratic republic who wanted to take their country back and remain exceptional.  Professor Prothero knows full well that American exceptionalism refers to the special character of the United States as a uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty.  His apples/oranges comparison of the America with European progressives who were freaked out, in his own words, with Mr. Trump’s election are upset because their version of socialism was not being accepted in the USA.

It is amazing to see how progressives like Mr. Prothero choose to use insulting comments about the President elect such as “one puffed up strongman among many…” Really? He states factually that the rise of resistance was the global economy that Obama supports which has led companies to flee America for lower taxes in other countries.  Taxes that were raised by Obama with crushing debt and impossible regulatory policies and edicts he is still imposing as of this letter.   Prothero states that there are efforts to pull up the drawbridges and wall off outsiders. We should put the proverbial wall up to protect our country.  The majority of Americans want to “wall off” to keep criminal elements out and those immigrants who want to immigrate must through the process to become Americans; not just waltz In expecting rights, privileges and support from American citizens.

He further denigrates the will of the people by exhibiting a depressive state of affairs in how the world views us by lamenting that what progressive see now is a dark and unexceptional America getting in line with the vulgarities of Philippine President Duarte and Russian President Putin.  If he has that dark impression of the patriots and real Americans who finally had enough of identity politics, I suggest he search his soul for reality and dialogue with the rest of Americans who want E pluribus unum.  Most people in this world would give everything they had to live here.  We now have a chance to keep the light burning and brighter than ever before.   We are truly an exceptional nation.

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