Great to have our country back

Mr. Leonard Pitts, Jr. from the Miami Herald in his November 19, 2016 entitled “Time to take our country back.”  He offered point by point blows about how democracy has failed and now it is time to take our country back after the election.  It is amazing since he most likely believes that conservatives who said they wanted to “take their country back,” are racists.  Here is part of his diatribe and my thoughts.

Mr. Pitts who is African American states:  “I have no interest in seeing this country heal. And I refuse to come together.”  He even refers to the incoming administration as a “reich!”  Since he is driven by hatred toward the incoming President, he is unable to even be a part of the dialogue that will help improve race relations.  How sad.  It is people like Mr. Pitts who have been a pain in my side since I started my career as a diversity professional and who has instituted the first federal dialogue on race relations last year – those who refuse to participate, complain or not want to cooperate since they have said they would be disruptive or those who say a white male just cannot lead a race relation dialogue without repercussions.  Well that has proven to be a fallacy since I have led 14 sessions comprised of all races and many ethnicity groups and religions in six locations in this country with profound, positive results with many more to following in 2017  I enjoy being in the arena and taking shots like Mr. Pence did at Hamilton but as a Marine I just keep overcoming barriers like Mr. Pitts; and quite easily.

Most people in this country do want to see America coming together as one and it is tragic that the media and Mr. Pitts encourages those who want to divide rather than unite us.  The use of race is always promoted by the progressives yet they are the ones who accuse others of all of the phobias existing today spreading fear and apprehension versus making even feeble attempts to dialogue for solutions.

Mr. Pitts writes that Mr. Trump is a bigot et al yet Mr. Trump has just appointed two fabulous women to his cabinet with more to follow and has stated repeatedly he disavows extreme groups.  Mr. Trump wants to be President for all Americans.  He has had discussions with many who have disparaged him throughout the campaign demonstrating his genuine belief in our country for inclusion of a diversity of ideas.  So the KKK likes him – they are a minuscule organization with relevance only promoted by the media.  Would it be OK  Mr. Pitts for you to endorse Louis Farrakhan who is a black nationalist or do you disavow him?

One of the most disturbing comments Mr. Pitts writes is that “I won’t cheer him even if he is not a disaster…I refuse to participate in this process of organized amnesia, to cooperate in normalizing a man who stands for everything America should not.”  Has Mr. Pitts not looked at the USA Map of red?   Yes, Hillary won the number of votes but most of those came from a few larger metropolitan cities which is why we have a democratic republic and not a democracy.  She won, however, only 19 states by popular vote.  Mr. Trump won 31.

Pitts further states that “forces of exclusion, hatred and rage have overtaken the highest office in the land, so it’s also time for some old school activism.”  The problem with activism is that all it is loud disruptions without dialogue for solutions.  If he chooses not to participate in the dialogue that is his choice.  I for one will be leading dialogues that will create solutions.  That is my country and I am glad we do have our country back.  My book America’s Diversity Meltdown takes on identity politics and the education and policies that drove our true American diversity into a meltdown state.  I encourage Mr. Pitts to read a few chapters and he is invited to dialogue but not disrupt one of my sessions of Americans who do want to make a difference.  That, Mr. Pitts is genuine activism for E pluribus unum.

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