Petula Dvorak’s Call For Annoying as Hell Protests Against President Trump


Petula Dvorak’s column this week  “Washington’s new normal: A Trump protest spectacle a day” is an example of how the media has created its own new normal.  In her column she gleefully supports the protesters she says since she covered many of the failed protest in her past and says: But this time feels different. Keep it up, protesters, because this time, it’s working. You’re getting to him.”  Instead of wanting to engage in dialogue, Ms. Dvorak fans the flames of perniciously irresponsible name calling by stating:  “Here’s my protest prescription: Anti-Trump activists need go to every single Trump hotel in this country and around the world and set up legal, peaceful, annoying-as-hell vigils. Occupy them day and night. Take shifts, don’t leave. Make it really uncomfortable to stay there.”  Annoying as hell vigils?!

She is so sanctimonious it is no wonder why the media has only a 32% trust factor with the American people.  Ms. Dvorak can write what she wants and if the Washington Post thinks that rankling, distracting and doing annoying as hell protests is a perfectly acceptable way to honor the office of the President.

We now have a President who in one week has put ISIS on their heels and on notice, collaborated with CEOs of corporations including American auto makers and the Unions to create thousands of jobs in this country, opened the oil pipelines further decreasing even the slight dependence on Middle East Oil,  reigned in immigration by finally enforcing our laws and mandating arrest and deportation of criminal illegal aliens immediately, extreme vetting of refugees and suspending entry into the United States by those from known terrorist sponsoring countries, and generating final plans for finishing our border walls.  Not bad for the first week wouldn’t you say Ms. Dvorak?  Or would you rather annoy, district, and wave scathing signs at our President.

You know you would be spinning on the keyboard if Republicans would have done the same to former, yes former President Obama.  Every criticism of him was deemed racist and he could do no wrong in your eyes.  Ms. Dvorak and others such as Dana Milbank, and Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post who write basically divisive columns are contributing to America’s Diversity Meltdown.

People who refuse to recognize the will of the people; 302 remember?  That is in our Constitution with electoral votes.  If you do not like the outcome, fine.  You can protest about anything, Yet you should as an American, support the President as much even with your opposing views, while holding him accountable as well when things are not working. Those who choose to disrupt versus having a meaningful dialogue will get the annoying as hell protests nowhere.  By the way, the Right for Life march was not annoying to President Trump – it was music to his ears.

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