Sanctimonious Lectures and Malicious Labeling


I hope that more Patriotic Americans like me must be getting sick and tired of listening to Hollywood actors, singers, etc., who use their performances, and now even awards ceremonies, for these sanctimonious missives.  The cast of Alexander Hamilton Broadway show who hijacked an honored visit by the soon to be Vice President by lecturing on what I consider divisive messaging that did not allow rebuttal demonstrated a self-righteous air of supremacy of their views.  So much for inclusion or tolerance the Progressive Liberals speak so highly about.  Inclusion of thoughts and others is necessary our country, without a doubt, but it must include all views and freedom of speech which includes disagreement.

When the insufferable Lady Gaga stated she is giving a message of inclusion during the Super Bowl half time, that was past the red line for me.  Her message of inclusion is one of victim-hood and zero tolerance for others with differing views including deep seated religious values.  Some of these monetary charlatan elites are so off the wall that they are beyond the scope of “oh brother” type of reactions.

One positive has come out of this however.  Many have exposed their true selves and are no longer on my watch or listen list of their concerts, movies, or the like.  If they want to preach about inclusion, then they should listen to everyone and not blast our President for leading our country in the manner he said he would.    I do not care what they think unless they are speaking me in private.  If they did that, I would be able to respond.  Being captive to these smug pronouncements without any chance for rebuttal is not something any one should want to be involved with.

Which leads me to my next area of politicians maliciously applying harmful labels and reckless name calling to others without any accountability.  The people who say these harmful things cannot say now they are inclusive, tolerant, or even people who tell the truth.  For example, it seems so many accept the lunacy of Nancy Pelosi – the “we have got to pass it before seeing what’s in it” fame for her defense of the Affordable Care Act.  Now she is parading around and libeling Steve Bannon as a white supremacist.  That is an outright lie and she knows it.  Whatever one thinks of Steve Bannon, even liberals like Bob Beckel of Fox’s “The Five” show states that is not true.  Yet, zero accountability is applied to her; the person who actively seeks to disrupt, and not dialogue, with President Trump.

Even former Vice President Biden in a veiled statement “we will continue our work to ensure that everyone in this country is treated with dignity” referring to himself and wife Jill.  His statement on the surface is fine but he is of course pushing back against what he feels, without evidence, as the President’s intention to eliminate equality.  Joe does have a way with gaffes without evidence in his history!  Senator Schumer’s tears promoting fear and hatred instead of working with the President to ensure our country’s safety.  President Obama who fully supports protests directed against the President.  It is time for him to retire from the presidency and allow himself some dignity while adhering to time honored policy of withholding your opposing comments as a former President against the current one.  Senate Democrats who do not even show up at committee meetings for cabinet nominations to vote or to have their voice heard and then complain about the outcome should be fired for not doing their jobs.  Even if they could not persuade their Republican colleagues, they lost all chance of credibility by removing themselves from the process.

Which leads me to my next challenge which is the recent article from the Washington Post “Federal employees plan ways to express their opposition such as slowing.  As a federal employee, there are too many things to go into here so I will expand upon that much more in my next blog entry.

2 thoughts on “Sanctimonious Lectures and Malicious Labeling

  1. Bridget April 14, 2017 / 5:10 am

    I am reading your posts and curious about how you know this to be true, “President Obama who fully supports protests directed against the President.” The former President has seemed remarkably quiet to me. I haven’t seen him speaking in public or quoted in print. Wondered about your source(s) for that statement.

  2. John Fuller, Ed.D. April 14, 2017 / 8:49 am

    Hi Bridget,

    First, thank you for reading and responding to my post. There are several published articles supporting my comment. President Obama came out very early in February supporting the protests and you can read the article on this site: You can also find the other article by Newsweek:

    You are right in that he has been silent but that was recently. Some of that is because he went on a 30 day sequestered retreat in Tahiti. I was disappointed with him since he spoke out so quickly after leaving office since that is not the standard respect given by former Presidents to those in office. I believe in peaceful assemblies but when they turn violent, insulting others, and shutting down those who have a right to free speech themselves, that is a line I feel is crossed and damages free speech. I do appreciate and respect your comments.

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