Civility and Moral Courage


Those who prefer to use hateful language to insult and refuse to listen to any other view than their own, have no intention to listen to understand.  Those who refuse to gain perspective have the intention of disruption, resistance, and disdain for others who have even a slightly different opinion than they do.  They are actually exhibiting incivility and, in their own mind, know they are doing so.   One is no longer protesting when they are not exhibiting moral courage and exchanging in ideas.

The definition of Moral courage is “the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences. Courage is required to take action when one has doubts or fears about the consequences. Moral courage therefore involves deliberation or careful thought.”  Deliberation requires one to know the facts and think about all of the sides before moral courage can develop.  How can one deliberate if one is stuck on their own view without even having the willingness to listen to others?  As Merriam Webster defines,  “it is a discussion and consideration by a group of persons of the reasons for and against a measure.”  If progressives do not allow others to voice their opinions, they are hardly having a discussion or dialogue but just shouting  down  and sanctimoniously lecturing others.  They prefer to be exclusive and have no intention of being inclusive that includes dialogue.  That is not moral courage but thoughtlessness and unrestrained behavior.

Civility seems to be non existent and class is a foreign concept for progressives and their offspring of anarchists.  They refuse to allow new coalitions to form which can lead to serviceable compromises to what previously was considered impossibly divisive problems.

Hunkering down in your own bubble or echo chamber may feel good but sooner or later you must exhibit moral courage and civility to understand that your way may not be “the” way to solve a problem.  It takes the strength of diversity.  Progressives dare to say diversity is our strength and they demand inclusion; but only inclusion of people who think and act like them.  They are the ones who do not “get it” as they are so famously known to say.



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