Sunshine or Winter Patriots

Patriotism is not a fleeting moment in which one can merely summon on the 4th of July or at games or ceremonies where the National Anthem is playing. These are good things we all should do these acts of respect are only a part of the spirit that makes us Americans.

When Thomas Paine gave his speech about Sunshine Patriots, he was referring to those who felt they could just volunteer themselves for battle during the summer or for very brief periods without too much personal discomfort or sacrifice and then go home. Paine also wrote “those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

America is experiencing divisiveness and hate from the Progressive left who refuses to even join in a dialogue and find solutions. Democrats now choose to disrupt, resist, and not show up which falls well behind even a Sunshine Patriot and more of a sunset anti American. They are using teir freedom of speech but now allowing others the same right by shouting down versus listening to understand others.

I cannot respect a position when there is no attempt for the other side to respect mine. Respect does not always mean agreement; it means that at least you know where the other person is coming from. Each may see a way to establish some common ground that will lead to a workable solution. With or without the individuals who refuse to listen, Americans will be experiencing a much needed course correction with President Trump. By keeping his solemn promises, he is an anomaly as a politician by doing so

I will support President Trump and also, as with all Americans, expect to hold him accountable if he is unable to either work toward or provide solutions for a myriad of problems he is facing now from prior administrations. I have confidence he will. As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution (the original III’rs), and retired military officer, my level of Patriotism is beyond being contested.

quote-these-are-the-times-that-try-men-s-souls-the-summer-soldier-and-the-sunshine-patriot-will-in-this-thomas-paine-308979Yet there are those who do anyway since I do not agree allowing open borders, deporting people who are criminals and are here illegally, increasing our military’s strength and capabilities, wanting to fix an imploding health care system, and not release any more terrorists from Gitmo in which a third of them have returned to the battlefield. I love my country and proud to be an American. All Americans must be winter soldiers and snowfall patriots in order to retain our freedom.

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