Washington Post Columnist Dana Milbank Crosses the Line

This is the letter I sent to the Washington Post Editor today:


Letter to the Editor,

Mr. Milbank, you have finally crossed the line going well beyond incivility with your Sunday, March 29, 2017 column.  Your history of writing dramatically divisive columns such off the wall columns like “The end of whiteness” in your repertoire is even one I highlight my own book.  Your article on Sunday, March 19, 2017, laced with hateful, despicable rhetoric, could be construed as undoing American values and is tantamount to being un-American.  You must be exhausted riding the coattails of protected free speech, no matter how contemptible   Yet, when you continue to venture into the world of personal and insulting  attacks through your boorish writing, or merely relying on a protective shield of free press for your offensive comments, your credibility vanishes.

President Donald Trump is your President Mr. Milbank.  Whether you accept this or want to disrupt, resist all costs, insult by personal attacks, is sad, but irrelevant, since he will be the President for the next four to eight years.  When you insult President Trump you also insult me and the other 62 million Americans voted for him.   Let’s start with your columns’ comments:

  1. “Trump has been mercifully incompetent.”
  2. “Stupid is as stupid does.”
  3. “Now trump seems to be running a cartoon version of a presidency and he’s Elmer Fudd.”
  4. “His proposals could, if successfully implemented, be ruinous…so far, at least, Trump has been mercifully incompetent.”
  5. “Now the world has reason to laugh at us – because we’re with stupid.”
  6. September 16, 2016 column:  “Dana Milbank: Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist.”
  1. “America First — remember that,” he said. “America First.” That’s deplorable.”

Consider this Mr. Milbank.  President Trump with his two months of service to our nation has served his country longer than you. He is trying everything he can to fulfill the promises made to those who elected him.  The President is the Commander in Chief of the World’s most powerful military force and the greatest country in the world.  Do you really want the President to be “mercifully incompetent” in his duties as Commander and Chief or, as you repeatedly say, stupid?  If so, then your progressive column is tantamount to un-America sentiment which would fit the definition of deplorable.   Insulting our President, and yes your President also Mr. Milbank, calling him the cartoon character’s name Elmer Fudd is extremely disrespectful, not only to him, but to the Office of the President as well.  Unlike his predecessor, he is working diligently to bring all Americans together and put our country first.

Every country wants their country to be first in their minds and hearts and patriotism is a love for your country; not hatred of the person running it or for the millions of supporters who are with the President.  Pride in one’s country is paramount for us to maintain a distinctive American culture.  We are not out of many, many; we are Out of the Many, One.  Calling half of the President’s supporters racist is beyond the pale and the Washington Post should be ashamed to allow you the space in their paper to print continually hateful columns.   I am probably one of the 50% whom you may call racist or deplorable but, if you check my background, speak to me and witness what I do and what I have done, your progressive opinion of a President Trump supporter would be shaken like an earthquake.   Free speech is a right but not absolute and I do not believe it should allow free personal insults.   Continued personal insults and verbal attacks goes against our American values of common decency and civility which you have now chosen to remove permanently from your columns.

I want President Trump to succeed for our country.  If it is by keeping out criminal aliens and possibly embedded criminal/terrorist refugees for a time until we can figure out the problem, then so be it. We can work together on an immigration reform bill but that will take bipartisanship, time,  and a willingness to dialogue.  Replacing an imploding health care system with one that will work is being created.  Undoubtedly it will take time, not please everyone, but will require a willingness to actually repair it from both parties.  Maybe, under the improved healthcare act, people will be able to keep their own doctor, keep their plans, and have premiums without unreachable deductibles.

Remember the first 60 days in with former President Obama?   He slammed through a stimulus bill for “shovel ready jobs” that did not ever exist or come to pass, told Americans under his nuclear option approved healthcare plan, they would be able to keep their own doctors and plans, and that premiums would decrease.  We all know now that was just not the case.   Now, nearly all insurance companies are bailing or considering bailing on this unsustainable Act.    Where were your columns on that?  You did not get your way in the election and you can address grievances all you want.  However, when you choose to be so disrespectful through personal insults to the President, so unpatriotic and hateful in your expressions of insults of racist, bigots, etc., to tens of millions of Americans, Patriots and Veterans like me who have served our nation, well we do take it personal.   The vast majority of us are not what you have called us or the President.

Veterans who have served and active duty now took an eternal oath to support the Office of the President and love our country.   For the overwhelming majority of us, we will always honor our oath because we took it without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.  There will always be party differences  but we have to take the time to respect, listen to learn, and tolerate the other side without resorting to what you have done in your column.  All Presidents should be held accountable for their actions but with the understanding that they can make mistakes and learn from them as all have.  The Washington Post states that you write about “political theater.”  Well this act that you are doing now must not have a curtain call.    Mr. Milbank, you owe President Trump an apology….now!

John Fuller, Ed.D.

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