Intolerance and Integrity

Intolerance by most definitions is the unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect opinions or beliefs contrary to one’s own. Division in our country is at a fevers pitch with liberals and progressives choosing to disrupt, insult, and shout down others who may disagree with what they believe. Intolerance also was demonstrated by the despicable display of arrogance and less than childish behavior by Congressional Democrats through their chanting of the old high school in your face song: “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” after the healthcare vote in which they voted against in total.

Liberal and Progressive Democrats have moved beyond intolerance to outright disruption and arrogance.  It is very hard for me to understand how Americans in their district could support such behavior.  Imagine if this scene was played out in a corporate boardroom where members who were voted down got up out of their seats and did this.   They would be in their cars in a few minutes wondering where their salary and reputation went by being fired or dismissed.  No one needs to act this way and especially those who claims to be representing all Americans; not just the few they agree with.  Do they think that there were not millions of voters who gave the Republicans the House of Representatives and the Senate a majority? Members did not elect themselves!

Compromise has always been a part of our government and working together through dialogue will not alter what you believe but what you can accomplish.    Progressives use of terror words to excite their “base” is akin to screaming fire in a crowded theater promoting fear and even more dividing lines that is becoming nearly impossible to extend a hand across the aisle.  Dialogue cannot occur unless there is at last toleration of others’ believes.  One does not have to embrace the other side; just respect other views and with both sides doing that, it will establish common ground.  The ground right now is shaky at best with Democrats in Congress leading the way.


The Democratic members of the House who chose to participate with this despicable display of unprofessional rancor could be seen by not only our country but by nations worldwide. Is their unprofessional behavior that in which members of Congress, who should be acting with integrity, should model for our nation and the world?

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