In Response to Courtland Milloy’s Va rally masks racist problems in U.S.

It is time once again to call out Courtland Milloy for not only his vile but also remarkable comments about our President and Administration accusing them of supporting White racists in his May 7, 2017 column in the Washington Post.

Milloy states that Attorney General Session’s war on crime is somehow racist when the AG wants to keep criminals off the streets.  There should be mandatory minimum prison sentences for crimes that involve the importing and facilitating drugs as well as other violent crimes.  Those who say drug convictions are non violent only need to witness the death and destruction drugs cause the individuals who use them and their families and friends.  Look how many of our citizens and particularly young people are overdosing on opiate drugs.  More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the most ever, new federal statistics show.  More than traffic fatalities.

Milloy states that since there will be a war on crime there will be more in prison that prisons will be built around white rural areas and the people employed will be like “veritable” plantation owners since there will be “mostly black and Hispanic inmates.”What utter and deplorable racist comments – if he wants to accuse people of racism he needs to look in the mirror.

Milloy even gets on President Trump for wanting to crack down on the notorious and murderous MS-13 gangs wanting them gone from the street.  How can anyone complain about that?  Well Milloy does by adding that the President did not come up jobs or affordable housing.  These two issues were with former President Obama for eight years and this problem did not just surface after the election.  Milloy’s final comments were that the President and AG know how to placate white power by attacking black freedoms.   Freedoms that blacks lose place on themselves choosing to commit crimes.

I am tired of progressives who want to disrupt, resist and offer zero solutions while complaining when others get involved and reach out as our President has done.  Mr. Milloy needs to do a self reflection and join with those like me who want to and actually do have dialogues nationwide for the good for our country instead of just complaining and accusing others about racism without justification.

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