Hysterical Hate

Hysteria with hate is a dangerous combination and that is what many on the left prefer.  With decades of listening to diversity and inclusion which includes social inclusion, you would think many on the left would prefer barbaric Attila the Hun tactics versus dialogue.  With the health care plan being discussed now, everyone needs to have an open mind.  I guarantee you that the minority party which is the Democrats would reach across the aisle and state they want to work with Republicans to come up with the best overall plan for America, nearly every Republican would agree to do so.  Nothing is perfect and that is why we have had opposing sides in this country since its inception so we can get it right.

The Democrats who hurl hate bombs such as killing children, stripping healthcare away, etc., serve no purpose.  They know that Obama care would fail on its own in a couple of years and that, in effect, would strip healthcare away from many since there would not be any insurance companies left participating.  The lies of former President Obama have been exposed for quite some time; keeping your doctor, your health plan, and having lower premiums.  He knew that was not going to be the case but as was stated by another of his healthcare architects, they were relying on the stupidity of the American people and passing it before anyone could read it.

Any Fortune 500 company would fail with these tactics and it is time for both parties to open conversations and expectations to create supportive culture, have open dialogues without invective insults and falsehoods and get the feedback from what is working and what is not.   If the left truly still wants inclusiveness, then they must understand that we on the right do not have to agree with them since no one has to agree all of the time; but we must both listen and try to understand.  Hate with hysteria will never work.  Dialogue with respect will.  Try it.

One thought on “Hysterical Hate

  1. Myron June 26, 2017 / 3:16 am

    Outstanding article…. Please keep in touch , it’s we hit the urban areas promoting diversity and inclusion to the forgotten ppl

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