Which Would You Choose? Vicious, Ruthless or Integrity?


Corey Stewart is way off the integrity meter with his conviction and subsequent announcement to run a “vicious” and “ruthless” Senate campaign in Virginia.  I recognize that there are those who choose to inflame through their vile and despicable language towards members of the other party and against our President.  Those who use these personal attacks are doing so intentionally and are offering nothing for solutions and do not wish to dialogue.
I strongly advise Mr. Stewart to look at the definition of three words.  Vicious, Ruthless and Integrity.  Vicious, by definition, means: deliberately cruel or violent. Ruthless, by definition, means: having or showing no pity or compassion for others.
Integrity, by definition, means: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
If I were to run for Senate, I would announce the following:
I am John Fuller, a conservative, retired Army Major and former Marine, and I will run my campaign with integrity as never seen before.  I will never demean my opponent and, even if I receive them, there will be absolutely no personal attacks in return.  I will have disagreements with the policies my opponent may support.  Yet I will always treat him or her with respect and listen to learn even more how to establish common ground with those who support my opponent.  There are many critical issues our residents face including healthcare, housing, transportation, taxes, the opioid crisis, immigration, social security, and many others. I realize that f elected I will represent all Virginians and will not compromise my sacred honor by not treating all Virginians with the respect and honor they deserve regardless of their political affiliation.  I know there will never be 100 percent consensus but it is my duty to work toward that goal.  Only in this way, can we get things done in Washington, together.
Mr. Stewart said the days of the kinder and gentler republicans are over and he will be more like a UFC fighter.  He said he was disgusted back in 1989 when George HW Bush uttered the statement of being a kinder and gentler nation with strength.  Might I remind Mr. Stewart that President Bush won that election.
Does any American deserve representation from someone who freely chooses to be vicious and ruthless or would they prefer someone acting with integrity?  I know what I would choose.

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