Washington Post Supports Personal Attacks Against President Trump

Eugene Robinson started his Thursday, August 3 Washington Post column in the first paragraph with two telling words “enough already.” I truly believe that the Washington Post’s progressive columnists are driven to competing in the number of vile personal insults they can cram into their respective columns about our President. Eugene seems to be leading the pack with this column of hate directed toward our President and his supporters. The column included these personal insults: shameful, appalling, liar, buffoon, demagogue, vicious, loopy, insure, delusional, laughable claims, failure, dainty crutches (hands), alienates everyone who trusted him, dog whistle appeal to white supremacists, and racial grievance. Really?! One must remember that when he personally attacks the President, he is attacking his supporters.

All the while Eugene is scurrying through the Internet to find other synonyms to add to the hateful words for his next column, this President’s supporter is holding nationwide race relations dialogues (50 of them so far coast to coast) to address real issues and begin with the healing of our country. Where is any coverage of that? It is because the Washington Post refuses to print anything that even resembles positive contributions of those who are the President’s supporters. I am a 26 year military veteran and Patriot of our country and also took an oath to the President of the United States that I have kept since joining the military. My oath did not stop when I retired from the military in 2002.

I do not agree with everything the President says or does nor do I support his personal attacks either but I do believe in the message of being the President for all Americans. No one can look you in the face and truthfully say they agreed with everything President Obama did during his 8 years either with soon to implode healthcare, non-shovel ready jobs with the stimulus money giveaway, the Middle East debacle, billion-dollar cash payout to Iran and the Iranian “deal” for nuclear proliferation, or the economy in general. I never wrote anything of personal attacks against President Obama but as an American I did express my differences of opinion.

Since Eugene has zero respect for the Office of this President, I suggest he at least look internally at his own personal values. Does he not adhere to the principle of the Golden Rule that is written by so many religions around the World? If Eugene complains that Donald Trump does this or that and then Eugene does the same things through vile personal insults of the President, which assault mode is different…or acceptable? He cannot make the excuse that he is entitled to personally insult others about insulting others; two wrongs do not make a right or is this now condoned in the Washington Post?

It is amazing how he even has enough room to write anything else. His columns are so divisive and hateful and he sanctimoniously states in this one that there is no “Real American.” Yet, his own actions are those that do not speak for the real America that we strive to advance, save and maintain as our way of life. The Washington Post should take a hard look at opinion pieces since progressive attack columnists are so far removed from their own standards stated on the internet site of fairness and ethics. I do not see anything within those that allow for personal attacks and vile, hateful, and intended attributions towards another person. Since they now freely allow multiple columnists to insult our President at every turn continually and personally, it is their unstated approval.

Eugene is right about one thing in his column. “Enough is Enough” ……of his columns of hate.

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