Media News Intensity Does Not Equate to Actual Reality

Our own media is contributing to America’s Diversity Meltdown. A new Marist PBS/NPR poll taken after Charlottesville shows most Americans, including a plurality of African Americans do not agree with efforts to tear down the Confederate statues and to keep them where they are.
We should not let the intensity of the news dictate reality. These issues are complex, even beyond race without agitation from the leftists who have no one’s best interest in mind but their own. We cannot acquiesce to a small insignificant group of anarchists (basically bullies, censors) who want to wipe away the past. They choose to arm themselves with violence through baseball bats, masks, and flaunt how they love to criminally assault others they do not agree with because they feel it is “defensive.”. The future would be their next target. Even Nancy Pelosi has called them out so you know they must extremely bad individuals!

I have witnessed firsthand through 52 race relations dialogues how having serious discussions about who we are as Americans has allowed greater understanding, respect, and awareness of commonalities to occur. I prefer to “arm” myself with words of uniting us in contrast to the hate demonstrated by, again, insignificant racial superiority groups and anarchists. The media has provided these groups more advertising then they could have ever fathomed though increasing their viability. Winston Churchill stated the fascists of the future call themselves Anti-Fascists (Antifa). Well the future is now.

The coming together of America is evident in Houston and other parts of Texas recovering from Harvey with Americans demonstrating their courage, conviction and empathy with and towards others. We cannot allow America to experience a diversity meltdown by the actions of a few who are promoted by the media and by not talking with each other.. Even though we have a long journey ahead with reestablishing race relations dialogues since they basically stopped with Dr. King’s assassination, I will continue these with others nationwide and we can make this time a defining moment in our history through rediscovering our common values and the greatness of America.





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