Miami Herald Leonard Pitts, Jr. Column

Mr. Pitts,

You choose to focus on the Nation’s sins and I choose to focus on its greatness.  Your doom and gloom columns offer resistance but zero solutions and that is where we are so different.  You think that by dishonoring our flag because of some deplorable acts you can attribute that injustice to all Blacks?  You always fail to mention the absolute violence of thousands of Black men and women shot in Chicago, Baltimore, et al by Black men and women.  How does the sports millionaires of all races dishonoring of this country by not honoring its flag that the absolute majority does, contribute to anything? Who gave these coddled athletes the ability to play a game and make millions?  Americans who pay outrageous ticket prices to view three hours of mayhem and enjoy it.
You spoke about Blacks being bullied.  How have you been bullied Mr. Pitts?  What America has stolen from you and what Americans are you referring to?  Write the truth and do not mask it. Same thing about America lies to you. What Americans have lied to you Mr. Pitts?  I understand from the work that I do in this field that there have been underlying issues that have never been discussed in “Diversity” classes.  I know because I have taught them.  Yet now, more than at any time in our country, we must project unity, respect, and honor.  You accomplish nothing by verbal weapons that incite and offer nothing but digging in of the other side. Race relations dialogues that I lead nationwide are opportunities to enhance a sense of togetherness and brings out the best in others.
I was the first to step up in the federal government and lead this effort and have held over 50 in major cities; they are profound experiences full of hope and action for the future working together.  Race relations brings out the best of people, combine forces and wills, and results in accomplishments that never would have happened alone.  As a white male baby boomer, I am an anomaly in the diversity world and have been now for nearly 30 years.  As the lone Maverick who wanted to take this on in the arena,   Why did it take someone like me to step up?  Well the old phrase is if not me, who because no one of any race wanted to touch this.  Now many wish they would have.
Bid farewell to relationship insecurities and vile comments that are sometimes hurled in your columns.  If we focus on America’s greatness and helping others reach the limits of their capabilities, rather than merely protesting and complaining about it, we can create limitless possibilities for every American. Try it sometime in your column because, just like in my race relations dialogues, it works.  Dr. King challenged us to “rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
Small keys can open large doors as you can read in my book America’s Diversity Meltdown: Challenging diversity education and its epic failure to improve race relations. The difference between you and me is that I challenged diversity education and then explained why and what we need to do to improve it to achieve genuine positive race relations.  As a 26 year military veteran, I respect your right to free speech but free speech can come with consequences as we all know when it divides rather than unites.
John Fuller

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