Miami Herald Leonard Pitts, Jr. Column

Mr. Pitts,

You choose to focus on the Nation’s sins and I choose to focus on its greatness.  Your doom and gloom columns offer resistance but zero solutions and that is where we are so different.  You think that by dishonoring our flag because of some deplorable acts you can attribute that injustice to all Blacks?  You always fail to mention the absolute violence of thousands of Black men and women shot in Chicago, Baltimore, et al by Black men and women.  How does the sports millionaires of all races dishonoring of this country by not honoring its flag that the absolute majority does, contribute to anything? Who gave these coddled athletes the ability to play a game and make millions?  Americans who pay outrageous ticket prices to view three hours of mayhem and enjoy it.
You spoke about Blacks being bullied.  How have you been bullied Mr. Pitts?  What America has stolen from you and what Americans are you referring to?  Write the truth and do not mask it. Same thing about America lies to you. What Americans have lied to you Mr. Pitts?  I understand from the work that I do in this field that there have been underlying issues that have never been discussed in “Diversity” classes.  I know because I have taught them.  Yet now, more than at any time in our country, we must project unity, respect, and honor.  You accomplish nothing by verbal weapons that incite and offer nothing but digging in of the other side. Race relations dialogues that I lead nationwide are opportunities to enhance a sense of togetherness and brings out the best in others.
I was the first to step up in the federal government and lead this effort and have held over 50 in major cities; they are profound experiences full of hope and action for the future working together.  Race relations brings out the best of people, combine forces and wills, and results in accomplishments that never would have happened alone.  As a white male baby boomer, I am an anomaly in the diversity world and have been now for nearly 30 years.  As the lone Maverick who wanted to take this on in the arena,   Why did it take someone like me to step up?  Well the old phrase is if not me, who because no one of any race wanted to touch this.  Now many wish they would have.
Bid farewell to relationship insecurities and vile comments that are sometimes hurled in your columns.  If we focus on America’s greatness and helping others reach the limits of their capabilities, rather than merely protesting and complaining about it, we can create limitless possibilities for every American. Try it sometime in your column because, just like in my race relations dialogues, it works.  Dr. King challenged us to “rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
Small keys can open large doors as you can read in my book America’s Diversity Meltdown: Challenging diversity education and its epic failure to improve race relations. The difference between you and me is that I challenged diversity education and then explained why and what we need to do to improve it to achieve genuine positive race relations.  As a 26 year military veteran, I respect your right to free speech but free speech can come with consequences as we all know when it divides rather than unites.
John Fuller

Media News Intensity Does Not Equate to Actual Reality

Our own media is contributing to America’s Diversity Meltdown. A new Marist PBS/NPR poll taken after Charlottesville shows most Americans, including a plurality of African Americans do not agree with efforts to tear down the Confederate statues and to keep them where they are.
We should not let the intensity of the news dictate reality. These issues are complex, even beyond race without agitation from the leftists who have no one’s best interest in mind but their own. We cannot acquiesce to a small insignificant group of anarchists (basically bullies, censors) who want to wipe away the past. They choose to arm themselves with violence through baseball bats, masks, and flaunt how they love to criminally assault others they do not agree with because they feel it is “defensive.”. The future would be their next target. Even Nancy Pelosi has called them out so you know they must extremely bad individuals!

I have witnessed firsthand through 52 race relations dialogues how having serious discussions about who we are as Americans has allowed greater understanding, respect, and awareness of commonalities to occur. I prefer to “arm” myself with words of uniting us in contrast to the hate demonstrated by, again, insignificant racial superiority groups and anarchists. The media has provided these groups more advertising then they could have ever fathomed though increasing their viability. Winston Churchill stated the fascists of the future call themselves Anti-Fascists (Antifa). Well the future is now.

The coming together of America is evident in Houston and other parts of Texas recovering from Harvey with Americans demonstrating their courage, conviction and empathy with and towards others. We cannot allow America to experience a diversity meltdown by the actions of a few who are promoted by the media and by not talking with each other.. Even though we have a long journey ahead with reestablishing race relations dialogues since they basically stopped with Dr. King’s assassination, I will continue these with others nationwide and we can make this time a defining moment in our history through rediscovering our common values and the greatness of America.





America’s Diversity Meltdown

This past week’s events have demonstrated just how much our America’s diversity is melting down. Charlottesville police were told in no uncertain terms by their mayor ordering the police to stand down during much of the violence that was occurring. In comparison to the Boston protests yesterday, the shameful actions by both the Mayor and the Governor demonstrated just how weak they are as leaders.

They mirrored the former Baltimore mayor when people were protesting Freddie Gray’s death and police treatment that ended up in rioting and looting when she stated just let them go at it for a while. Just as the ACLU stated, the racists do have a right to protest; free speech according to the Supreme Court and the Constitution allows for speech that can upset people. That is why it is called free speech.  We cannot allow only those who espouse beliefs that we feel comfortable with to have the right of free speech.  Simply creating and staying in our own protective bubble does not allow for understanding a chance for dialogue.  There are values that I retain and they cannot be compromised but I must allow others whom I vehemently disagree with to be able to enjoy the same free speech as I have.  Otherwise it is censorship and we just do not want to go down that road.

There are groups that are purely bad in their intentions on both sides. Anyone who has intellectual honesty will agree. Even if Antifa is not as bad as the KKK, who cares? Since when is being less bad than the Klan a major moral accomplishment?  All of this new found sanctimonious frenzy about toppling down Confederate statues is just that.  Where were these same people all along?  Now is not the time to tear down but to build up and one way we can is that we must allow statues to be always in our line of sight so we will remember our history in its proper context.

It takes honor and courage to retain your own personal integrity. Unfortunately there are those who choose to abandon integrity and instead choose vicious personal and physical attacks against each other. This accomplishes nothing except for others wanting to join these groups’ numbers. What great advertising the media has provided for Antifa, KKK, altRight, Progressives, et al and to allow Progressives like Pelosi and Sanders to relish in this carnage and offer only insults to our President.  Never fear, they have zero solutions to offer.

Washington Post Supports Personal Attacks Against President Trump

Eugene Robinson started his Thursday, August 3 Washington Post column in the first paragraph with two telling words “enough already.” I truly believe that the Washington Post’s progressive columnists are driven to competing in the number of vile personal insults they can cram into their respective columns about our President. Eugene seems to be leading the pack with this column of hate directed toward our President and his supporters. The column included these personal insults: shameful, appalling, liar, buffoon, demagogue, vicious, loopy, insure, delusional, laughable claims, failure, dainty crutches (hands), alienates everyone who trusted him, dog whistle appeal to white supremacists, and racial grievance. Really?! One must remember that when he personally attacks the President, he is attacking his supporters.

All the while Eugene is scurrying through the Internet to find other synonyms to add to the hateful words for his next column, this President’s supporter is holding nationwide race relations dialogues (50 of them so far coast to coast) to address real issues and begin with the healing of our country. Where is any coverage of that? It is because the Washington Post refuses to print anything that even resembles positive contributions of those who are the President’s supporters. I am a 26 year military veteran and Patriot of our country and also took an oath to the President of the United States that I have kept since joining the military. My oath did not stop when I retired from the military in 2002.

I do not agree with everything the President says or does nor do I support his personal attacks either but I do believe in the message of being the President for all Americans. No one can look you in the face and truthfully say they agreed with everything President Obama did during his 8 years either with soon to implode healthcare, non-shovel ready jobs with the stimulus money giveaway, the Middle East debacle, billion-dollar cash payout to Iran and the Iranian “deal” for nuclear proliferation, or the economy in general. I never wrote anything of personal attacks against President Obama but as an American I did express my differences of opinion.

Since Eugene has zero respect for the Office of this President, I suggest he at least look internally at his own personal values. Does he not adhere to the principle of the Golden Rule that is written by so many religions around the World? If Eugene complains that Donald Trump does this or that and then Eugene does the same things through vile personal insults of the President, which assault mode is different…or acceptable? He cannot make the excuse that he is entitled to personally insult others about insulting others; two wrongs do not make a right or is this now condoned in the Washington Post?

It is amazing how he even has enough room to write anything else. His columns are so divisive and hateful and he sanctimoniously states in this one that there is no “Real American.” Yet, his own actions are those that do not speak for the real America that we strive to advance, save and maintain as our way of life. The Washington Post should take a hard look at opinion pieces since progressive attack columnists are so far removed from their own standards stated on the internet site of fairness and ethics. I do not see anything within those that allow for personal attacks and vile, hateful, and intended attributions towards another person. Since they now freely allow multiple columnists to insult our President at every turn continually and personally, it is their unstated approval.

Eugene is right about one thing in his column. “Enough is Enough” ……of his columns of hate.

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Which Would You Choose? Vicious, Ruthless or Integrity?


Corey Stewart is way off the integrity meter with his conviction and subsequent announcement to run a “vicious” and “ruthless” Senate campaign in Virginia.  I recognize that there are those who choose to inflame through their vile and despicable language towards members of the other party and against our President.  Those who use these personal attacks are doing so intentionally and are offering nothing for solutions and do not wish to dialogue.
I strongly advise Mr. Stewart to look at the definition of three words.  Vicious, Ruthless and Integrity.  Vicious, by definition, means: deliberately cruel or violent. Ruthless, by definition, means: having or showing no pity or compassion for others.
Integrity, by definition, means: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
If I were to run for Senate, I would announce the following:
I am John Fuller, a conservative, retired Army Major and former Marine, and I will run my campaign with integrity as never seen before.  I will never demean my opponent and, even if I receive them, there will be absolutely no personal attacks in return.  I will have disagreements with the policies my opponent may support.  Yet I will always treat him or her with respect and listen to learn even more how to establish common ground with those who support my opponent.  There are many critical issues our residents face including healthcare, housing, transportation, taxes, the opioid crisis, immigration, social security, and many others. I realize that f elected I will represent all Virginians and will not compromise my sacred honor by not treating all Virginians with the respect and honor they deserve regardless of their political affiliation.  I know there will never be 100 percent consensus but it is my duty to work toward that goal.  Only in this way, can we get things done in Washington, together.
Mr. Stewart said the days of the kinder and gentler republicans are over and he will be more like a UFC fighter.  He said he was disgusted back in 1989 when George HW Bush uttered the statement of being a kinder and gentler nation with strength.  Might I remind Mr. Stewart that President Bush won that election.
Does any American deserve representation from someone who freely chooses to be vicious and ruthless or would they prefer someone acting with integrity?  I know what I would choose.

Open Letter to Kathleen Parker Washington Post Columnist

The following is an open letter I sent to Washington Post Columnist Kathleen Parker in response to her article “Punch-drunk Donald Trump”

Ignoring fundamentals and principles of decency, the Golden Rule, and civility places you on the other side of the red line of civil discourse. Cal Thomas in a recent column wrote “…the personal attack achieves nothing, except to make the attacker feel good. It almost always invites a similar response.” I will not of course do that to you in my defense of our President.

The only objective you have and want is to discredit your President. Using personal and vile insults as a confrontational means of disruption is a twisted way of using your ability to appear to the fringes of the Democrat Party. As a distinguished writer, and I have read your columns for years, I feel that you have lowered yourself to that fringe. Is this the way for civil discourse to surface? I do not support all the actions that our President creates on a personal twitter attack basis. I feel he takes away from his overall accomplishments he has had so far and needs to stop.

I do, however, support along with tens of millions of other Americans who voted for him, the message of America’s strength, compassion, and resolve. He is attempting to replace and imploding health care act, has driven ISIS into the ground defeating them all over the Middle East including Raqqa, decreased illegal immigration 50-70% by his own words alone without the wall since taking office, removed onerous regulatory restrictions, met with leaders of HCBUs, achieved a cease fire in Syria two days ago, respected immensely in Israel, Russia, China, Great Britain, Poland, et al among other economic advancements in employment, trade, and the like.

That, despite people like yourself who do not demonstrate Patriot pride by demeaning the president behind his back in columns that are visible throughout the country. Freedom of the press should not include lowering yourself to personal attacks. Call out the President yes, disagree of course, but to personally attack is beyond the pale unless you wish to teach our children that two wrongs make a right. You are also creating a barrier to the work I am doing with race relations dialogues by visibly undermining the President.

I lead race relations dialogues throughout the country with 40 so far and 20 more in the next six weeks in major cities. I am a white male, Baby Boomer, retired military, vastly educated and genuine. I am the only one in the federal government who had the courage to take on race relations for the first time and I am not a genuine fool as a President Trump’s supporter but I am an anomaly. I work for solutions and choose to find common ground; not complain and insult those who are at or who we need to be at the table.

You brought up incidents that were caused by Republicans that of course were not supportable. Where is your mention, however, of violent protests and anarchist behavior at Berkeley et al and shouting down our government representatives at town halls not allowing any dialogue? You never mentioned the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot only Republicans at a baseball practice. Why? Despicable behavior through words of the Democrat and Socialist leaders like Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, Di Blasio, et al who throw in children dying, ripping families apart, etc. They choose to be disruptive with their vile insults and false pronouncements encouraging disruption and resistance rather than offering any recommendation, which, by the way you did not yourself offer any. I disagreed with a lot of what President Obama did during his 8 years but never disparaged or insulted him in public or any other other venue. I would not “have stormed the National Mall demanding the President’s impeachment” for any of his sophomoric attacks on Republicans. Rather I would tried to do my part in healing versus attacking those who are trying to heal and repair issues and problems.

I have asked your fellow colleagues at the Washington Post who prefer personal attacks and resistance; Dana Milbank (who is quoted in my book), Eugene Robinson (An Insult to the Founders column), Petula Dvorak, and Courtland Milloy to either have a joint dialogue with me or a debate with a conservative who is making progress with race relations. All have chosen not to respond. I also invite you to join in this dialogue as I engage in the arena nationwide trying to heal the racial divide. Try working with me and the nation by seeking to unite rather than insisting on division through resistance and insults. When you insult the President, you insult me and his supporters; millions of us in every state in the country. Is that one of your objectives? I do not believe so but it has that result.

I will be using your column as one of my handouts for my next federal Inter-agency session in Detroit when the question is asked how has the media contributes to the racial divide. Others that I have used from your colleagues have always had the response from all races, that personal attacks are not doing anyone any good in the media and only serve to inflame emotions. Think about that before you write your next inflammatory column.

Or, you can choose to stay on the other side of the civility red line and demonstrate to our children that the model for incivility and vile personal attacks are now normalized and they should join in. I for one, do not want my one old granddaughter to experience this and she will learn from me that the model for civility and dialogue is treating people with respect even when you disagree. Your column certainly does not demonstrate any model I wish for her to emulate. It would be a good idea for you, your colleagues and our President to reread the Proverb. Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but (s)he who has a hasty temper exalts folly ” and also the various “Golden Rules” of all religions.”

John Fuller

Powering Down the Disrupters

The Wall Street Journal article by Douglas Belking “Colleges Pledge Support for Discourse” was a refreshing read.  Schools are waking up finally to the realism that free speech should be encouraged from all sides to ensure students are prepared for the world at large.

As the former Director of Workforce Diversity for Johns Hopkins Hospital, I applaud my former college colleagues at Johns Hopkins University for their support both verbally and financially for discourse.  Uncivil disruptive shouting down of others has to stop.  One major way to do this is through the efforts of schools who understand that viewpoint diversity is central to their mission.

Daniel Diemeter, Provost of the University of Chicago, has it absolutely right when he says “we believe that the best education we can provide students to prepare for the world is to hear diverse points of view even if they feel uncomfortable.”  This reasonable sentiment is far removed from “safe spaces” and is a step in powering down disrupters who have not even heard and opposing position because of being provided safe spaces.  Dialogue and listening to understand is the key for discovering common ground.

Now if we can drive this down to all school systems where teachers are allowed to speak, teach, and model civil behavior while not having uncivil behavior launched against them.  Programs like the one being led by Johns Hopkins University should be supported and encouraged.  I know I will!