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From its inception, diversity curriculum designers disregarded Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. Instead, they created a proverbial elephant in very uncomfortable classrooms extinguishing the respect and acceptance of instruction from white males.

In America’s Diversity Meltdown, Dr. John Fuller offers straight talk about white male privilege, communities of color, affirmative action, and divisive diversity rhetoric. He provides eye-opening insight into diversity education’s failures which still contribute to deteriorating race relations, and he reveals the facade of past and current diversity education.

Through the eyes of a dedicated diversity practitioner, America’s Diversity Meltdown goes behind the scenes to view the repackaged curriculum themes of “us versus them” still targeting white males for privilege, blame, and unconscious biases, but excludes them from meaningful dialogue. Here, Fuller recommends limiting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, affirmative action, Federal Special Emphasis Programs, and extinguishing diversity phrases from our diversity vocabulary such as “we have a long way to go,” “getting it,” and “we need more diversity.”

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Radio Appearances

December 13, 2016                            Caravan to Midnight                John B. Wells program

December 15, 2016                             Prophet of Thought                  T.P.O.T Media

December 21, 2016                             Chris Brake Show                     Chris Brake Media

January 10, 2017            The Exceptional Conservative Network   Ken McClenton

January 18, 2017                                  Money for Lunch                        Blog Talk Radio

January 18, 2017                                  Freedom’s Voice Radio             Larry Friis

January 23, 2017                                  Starcom Radio Network            Ed Tyll

Sample of previous radio interview with John B. Wells